VIRB Elite Action Camera


VIRB Elite Action Camera

Life. Camera. Action!

What if there was an HD action camera without the limits of other cameras? A camera that films smarter, longer? Would you tell a better story? Never miss out on the action again with the new high-performance true-HD 1080p action camera, VIRB Elite.

Featuring an incredible, built-in 1.4" high-resolution Chroma color display, which stays on when the camera is on, but uses minimal power. The display lets you easily set up shots, choose slow motion, switch between video and still photography, playback video and adjust menu settings without detaching the camera from its mount. To start filming, you simply move the over-sized slide switch forward (no need to even take off your gloves)! Record at 1080p for up to 3 hours with the class-leading 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion long-lasting battery.

Recharging is as easy as connecting it to your computer or plugging it in to a wall. And if you’re still moving, the power pack swaps out so you can easily carry a spare battery and the show can go on. VIRB Elite has high-sensitivity GPS for data stamping and GPS-based “smart” recording. It's also equipped with Wi-Fi for wireless communication to your smartphone or computer. So you can see the image preview, adjust camera settings, and record and stop the camera or remotely snap still photos, even while the camera is filming.

VIRB Elite is the ideal outdoor adventure HD camera. Use it and mount it virtually anywhere - whether it's on your helmet on a hunt or on your handlebar during a bike ride. It's strong, durable, rugged, compact, aerodynamic, and water-resistant (IPX7), meaning the device will withstand incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter in depth for up to 30 minutes. VIRB Elite is designed to withstand every adventure, misadventure, double-dog-dare, near miss, epic feat and moments of glory on the field, on the trail or in your backyard! Video enhancement features like Digital Image Stabilization and Lens Distortion Correction ensure footage looks great...

WideVü Lens Catch your action, up close and personal or big-picture panoramic. This 9-element glass lens shoots in three modes: Wide, Medium, and Narrow.

Leading-edge extras Shoot like a master without the film school tuition. High-tech features like Digital Stabilization and Lens Distortion Correction improve every frame, automatically.

Stabilization Lose the “shaky” effect. VIRB automatically adjusts for shaking – from walking, excitement, fear or laughter.

Editing Made Easy VIRB Edit is free desktop editing software that you can download to your computer for intuitive, robust video editing. Once you have the video you want to share, upload it to your favorite share sites for all your friends to see.

Mounts The wide variety of VIRB mounts allow you to firmly lock the camera in position, virtually anywhere. From curved and flat deck and dash mounts to handlebar, helmet, shoulder and multi-use strap mounts and more, VIRB mounts have you covered. Joints on VIRB mounts feature interlocking joints that grip in place instead of relying solely on tension. This provides a more rugged and durable, anti-vibration locking performance. We even offer an adapter that lets you use VIRB with other industry mounts. Still Image Capture, Photo Burst, and Time Lapse are also included...this camera truly has it all!

$ 399.99